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Texas mom helps local researchers find treatments for genetics causes of autism

CBS News Palm Beach Florida ~ Wednesday, November 28th 2018 Click Link to Watch Story

Scripps Research Institute researches genetic link for some children's autism symptoms

NBC News Palm Beach Florida ~ 8:59 AM, Nov 27, 2018ick Link to Watch Story

November 28, 2018 ~ Mom, scientist work together on scientific breakthrough

November 26, 2018 ~ Scripps Florida discovers 'broken gene' leading to issues with touch, pain in autistic children

November 19, 2018 ~ Loss of SYNGAP1 function results in abnormalities in sensory processing
November 19, 2018 ~ SYNGAP1 heterozygosity disrupts sensory processing by reducing touch-related activity within somatosensory cortex circuits
September 17, 2018 ~ Bridge the Gap - SYNGAP Education and Research Foundation Presents Their First Research Grant to Texas Children's Hospital
June 2018 ~ Johns Hopkins Magazine "FROM BENCH TO BEDSIDE AND BACK"
March 7, 2018 ~ Rare Disease Report Strategic Alliance Partner Publishes Syngap-1 Paper
March 2018 ~ High Drive TV Health Makers Monica Weldon – Bridge the Gap-SYNGAP
February 28, 2018 ~ FDNA Launches Genomics Collaborative® with Multiple Research Partners Globally.
January 12, 2018 ~ Global Genes Rare Leader: Monica Weldon, CEO of Bridge the Gap:
December 30, 2017 ~ Family promotes awareness of daughter's rare syndrome
November 17, 2017 ~ Cypress mom launches research foundation seeking treatment for son’s rare condition
December 23, 2016 ~ Largest-Ever Study of SYNGAP1 (MRD5), Linked to Autism, was Launched
December 19, 2016 ~ Highlights From 2016 SYNGAP Conference
November 18, 2016 ~ SO PATIENTS ‘FEEL, FUNCTION & SURVIVE BETTER’ NINDS, Nonprofits Work Toward Shared Goal at Forum
November 3, 2016 ~ First International SYNGAP1 Conference and Bridge the Gap – SYNGAP ERF
October 2016 ~ SYNGAP1: From Rare Disorder to Common Cause
September 2016 ~ World’s Largest-Ever Study of SYNGAP1 (MRD5) Launches
August 4, 2016 ~ Representative McCaul Urges Reauthorization of Priority Review Voucher Program
May 06, 2016 ~ More Moms Advocating for Rare Diseases: Monica Weldon, Debra Miller, and Lisa Schill
April 1, 2016 ~ Syngap-1 First International Conference!
July 17, 2015 ~ Rare Disease Foundation CEO cites collaboration, data sharing as keys to progress

Scripps Florida Scientists Win $3.3 Million Grant to Accelerate Development of Treatments for Intellectual Disability, Autism, Epilepsy

Thank you to Dr. Jacques Michaud, Dr. Gavin Rumbaugh  and Dr. Thomas Creson who combined efforts to write a summary helping define SYNGAP for Physicians to better help diagnose patients.  Thank you to the National Organization of Rare Disease for publishing SYNGAP to their data base.

Congratulations to Monica Weldon
and the Bridge the Gap Team
on the nomination for the
2015 & 2016 Champion Of Hope
RARE Champion in Advocacy Award
from Global Genes

Check out our research tab for more information on how to enroll in the new study on Rare Epilepsy Network.

Check out the New Brochure on Living with SYNGAP from


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