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Our Programs are designed to strategically provide the needed resources that drive research.

Each of our programs is geared towards a specific purpose that will help fill the gaps in research.  All programs include all stakeholders, including patient families, clinicians, and researchers.  Our programs run in parallel that will eventually meet a common goal, treatments.

To understand the basics around SYNGAP1, read our updated paper of SYNGAP1 and our new treatment guidelines.  The NORD paper was the first comprehensive paper published on SYNGAP1 by the National Organization of Rare Disorders through a collaboration between by our teams at Texas Children’s Hospital, Scripps Research (Jupiter, FL, Campus), Johns Hopkins Medicine, Kennedy Krieger Institute and Bridge the Gap – Syngap Education and Research Foundation. 

“We are entering an era of rapid scientific discovery. We can succeed in harnessing the great power of these advances by working together. By forging connections between the children and their families, the physicians who care for them and a growing community of scientists, we are able to make the fastest possible progress in our understanding of this condition to improve the outcome.” 

Dr. Jacques Michaud

Researcher & Head Department of Medical Genetics

CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre

“Building Bridges of Hope to a Cure”

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