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Proud Partner of PALS ~ Patient Airlift Services

We are incredibly excited to partner with a great service for our US families. Bridge the Gap – SYNGAP ERF is now a corporate partner with Patient Airlift Services. Please check out their services. Our goal is to provide free flights to our SYNGAP1 Centers of Excellence within the United States to continue our mission of driving research. Please check out their website.

Please Note: They are unable to accommodate those having Grand Mal Seizures through the private aviation. This is because the pilot is a volunteer and there wouldn’t be any medical component to the flight. They also partner with JetBlue and Southwest on occasion when needed.

PALS website:

PALS intake form (which can be completed by the patient, caregiver, social worker or even you):


Annual report:

Outreach packet:


Brian Donor Project

This may be the most important and generous gift you ever give.

Neuroscientists have learned more about the human brain in the last 20 years than throughout all of recorded history. Genomic research has produced significant results and now there’s a critical need for donated post-mortem human brain tissue to advance science and work towards a cure for brain disorders.

Make arrangements to donate your brain for research—then talk about your decision with your family so they can ensure that your wishes are carried out.

SYNGAP1 Prenatal Screening

Customer Support: 650-249-9090
Panorama (NIPT) * Horizon (Carrier Screen) * Anora (POC) * Evercord (Cord Blood) * Vistara (A NIPT for Single Gene Disorders)

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