To serve, educate and fund research for families coping with the effects of SYNGAP mutations.

“The frequency of SYNGAP1 mutations is similar to that of fragile X syndrome (Fitzgerald et al., 2014), the most common inherited cause of ID.”

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Bridge the Gap – SYNGAP Education and Research Foundation (501(c) 3) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve, educate and fund research for families coping with the effects of SYNGAP1 mutations. The leading organization advocating and raising funds for research and treatments for SYNGAP1. Our international outreach for SYNGAP1 children gathers critical information, which is needed to drive research towards more immediate therapeutic solutions. Bridge the Gap-SYNGAP mission is to improve the quality of life for people affected by SYNGAP1, provide family support, accelerating research and raising awareness so that every family and every child with SYNGAP1 can provide information that can guide us to a cure.


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For Newly Diagnosed SYNGAP1 Families

Register in our SYNGAP1 (MRD5) Registry and Natural History Study to help us find treatments.

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November 2020
Endorsed by the National Organization for Rare Disorders and the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) 

For SYNGAP1 Families

Learn more about SYNGAP1, resources, clinicians and just connect with other families like you.

SYNGAP1 Research

Access all the up to date and current SYNGAP1 Research

Our Partners

Our organization partners with like-minded and mission-driven organizations that are committed to supporting the rare disease community.

What is SYNGAP1?

Learn more about what SYNGAP1 is and what it’s function is in the brain and how it affects our children.

Meet Our SYNGAP1 Professionals

Our organization focuses on a three-pronged approach to driving to treatments.  We build relationships with researchers, clinicians, and their lab teams. These teams of professionals make up our Centers of Excellence, which we support with seed grants to move forward SYNGAP1 clinical studies.

SYNGAP1 Clinical Experts

Our SYNGAP1 Clinical Research Experts care for our SYNGAP1 Patients and perform all levels of work in biomedical research.  

SYNGAP1 Researchers and Scientific Advisory Board

Our SYNGAP1 professionals are the backbone of getting our families and patients to the needed treatments they are so desperately looking for.

SYNGAP1 Centers of Excellence

Our participating Institutes offer a comprehensive set of services: Not just core services, but advanced services and supporting services specifically geared toward treating patients with SYNGAP1 Syndrome. 

“Our aim is to empower patient families, clinicians, and researchers with information necessary to move forward to treatments. We will clear a path on our way to finding a cure to help patients with SYNGAP1 mutations.”

Monica Weldon


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