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SYNGAP1 is a major gene who’s clinical relevance can be as prevalent as the most common single gene mutations like Fragile X, Angelman, Rett and Phlean-McDermid Syndromes.

“Early prevalence data indicate that these mutations (de novo mutations that disrupt SYNGAP1) are unexpectedly common (predicted to be >1 million afflicted individuals world-wide and more prevalent than fragile X syndrome), underscoring the impact that SYNGAP1 has on cognitive development.” (Pathogenic SYNGAP1 Mutations Impair Cognitive Development by Disrupting Maturation of Dendritic Spine Synapses


To serve, educate and fund research for families coping with the effects of SYNGAP mutations.


Bridge the Gap – Syngap ERF began in September of 2014. A group of parents of children living with SYNGAP1 mutations came together to begin a new journey. The common bond is one driven by a desire to raise awareness and search out treatments to improve quality of life for these inspiring individuals.

92 of 150 Registered 61.4%
150 by November 2018


Help improve the lives of people with Syngap

To Our SYNGAP1 Heroes:

Your “Stik-it! Ball Launcher” photos from our incredible Bridge the GAP Golf Tournament are posted.  We know you’ll want to download them to your Facebook and other social media sites. Just go to—22017.html and share with all your friends. (As baseball great, Satchel Paige said, “If ya done it, it ain’t braggin’!”)

Thanks so much for your support.  See you next year,

Exciting News!!!

NORD Announces 20 Rare Disease Patient Groups Selected to Develop Natural History Studies as Part of FDA Cooperative Agreement


Bridge the Gap – SYNGAP Education and Research Foundation

has been selected!

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